We provide comprehensive Diagnostic and Treatment services
for people with Sleep Disorders from the comfort of your home.

Sleep Diagnostic Assessment Services


Attempt Insomnia & Clinical Sleep Assessment Quiz before Insomnia Clinic & CBT-I Programme.

Insomnia & Clinical Sleep Assessment

Comprehensive and Detailed Clinical Assessment of Your Sleep Health.

  • A Scientifically Validated 40-minute Online Sleep Assessment with Save & Return Functionality
  • A 20-minute, One-on-One Video Consultation with a Sleep Expert to discuss your results and plan your way forward
  • All you need to establish a Sleep Disorder Diagnosis and plan the next steps to better Sleep Health

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Sleep Apnea Diagnostic Assessment

The most reliable Sleep Apnea Assessment & Diagnosis from the comfort of your home!

  • A 40-minute Online Sleep Assessment Questionnaire with Save & Return Functionality
  • A 20-minute, One-on-One Video Consultation with Licensed/Board Certified Sleep Physician to discuss your results and plan your treatment.
  • Latest, FDA Approved, Single Use, Disposable, Home Sleep Test.
  • Click Here for more information on our Home Sleep Test Technology

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Physician/GP Direct Referal Service

A direct referal service for GPs and other Physicians using iSleepClinic platform.

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Follow up Treatment & Therapy Services


To access the follow up Treatment and Therapy Services
you will need to first complete one of the Initial Diagnostic Assessments above.
Once you have a Diagnosis you can then access Treatment and Sleep Therapy.

Insomnia Clinic & CBT-I Programme

Our world renowned Insomnia CBT-I accredited experts provide an Evidence-Based and Effective Therapy Programme for Insomnia

Once you have completed your Initial Diagnostic Assessment and your Sleep Expert Consultation, you will be able to purchase access to your Insomnia Therapy Course

  •  A 6 Session CBT-I Programme costs £750
  • Or you can purchase individual one-hour sessions at £150 each

Sleep Physician Consultations

Once you have registered and completed the Initial Diagnostic Assessment that includes a Sleep Expert consultation, you may be advised to have further consultations with one of our Sleep Physicians, depending on the findings of the Initial Assessment.

  • Each Sleep Physician Consultation is priced at £160

TMJ & Dental Sleep Medicine Services

Subsequent to your Initial Diagnostic Assessment and based on finding symptoms requiring assessment by TMJ & Dental Sleep Medicine Team Expert, you will be advised to reserve a consultation with one of our Accredited Dental Sleep Medicine consultants

  • The Initial Session is priced at £250.00
  • Follow Up Appointments at £160

Sleep Optimisation & Coaching Services

We offer Individual and Corporate Sleep Optimisation and Sleep Coaching Consultations

Individual Sessions are priced as follows:

  • £200.00 (Initial Session)
  • £160.00 (Follow Up Appointments)

For Corporate Sleep Wellness Services Please Contact Us

Home Sleep Apnea Test

Each Sleep Apnea Home Test is priced at £195

Sleep Apnea Therapies

We offer a comprehensive range of CPAP, APAP, BiPAP Machines & Masks for Sleep Apnea Therapy.